We have started distributing the Dainese brand since 2011, however we have worked with the Italian brand since 2008 on gradually increasing the activity in the United Arab Emirates. We have focused on the Motorcycles equipment only by Dainese.

Dainese was a sponsor element in our California Superbike School; our Trainers wear Dainese Racing Suits.


The Dainese brand fits very well in our offering of high end riding equipment which offers quality, versatility and practicality. The line of products is very focused on the Rider, its needs and to bring modern technology to hand. In addition, in our outlets, the Dainese brand complements the Ducati lines. Most of the riding equipment of Ducati is already produced and double branded Dainese-Ducati.

Since then, we have worked actively with the Italian Brand to sell their range of Motorcycles Lines in our retail stores. The volume has been growing fairly quickly as well as the demand from customers to get new riding equipment, specialised safety equipment and motorcycles accessories by Dainese. This allowed us to grow the offering and range, today we are distributing:

  • Safety equipment like back protectors, waist protectors,
  • Fabric jackets with protection
  • Leather suits and 2 piece suits
  • Performance Undersuits
  • Helmets & accessories
  • Backpacks and travelling lines
  • Riding accessories