We Focused on the
Motorcycle Industry with the
Wholesale Business

Wholesale Division

"Being close to our Riders and Customers has been an essential focus for us over the years in the GCC."

Since the Start-up, the Wholesale part of our business has been a critical area to ensure that we are getting the right Products for our markets, in most of the cases, they were not available. Based on knowledge of different brands of motorcycles products, we worked on specific equipment for safety, high quality, style and practicality.

Our Wholesale Division is focused to distribute a range of Products in our Network of stores and other retailers in the Gulf. We are looking at developing and growing our Brands in our Region and distributing them through a network that is keen to add specialised products in their outlets. It allows us to have our Products in a wider market place and in locations where clients would not find us.

We have aimed to offer our lines to other retailers to allow them to be profitable and to ensure that a recommended retail price is kept consistent with the manufacturer and the retailer, to make sure that the end user is satisfied at the end.

We are distributing the following equipment and brands for the past years.