We Focused on the
Motorcycle Industry with the
Wholesale Business


"Being close to our Riders and Customers has been an essential focus for us over the years in the GCC."

Our team has been joined by new Member, Project & Operation Manager, specialising in fit-out of stores as well as organising Dealerships. The past years, we have been opening more Stores – Dealerships, kiosk and boutiques – within our Company and our Group. The team working on them has been the same and we are enriched by their work and experience.

The Stores that we have fit-out have been used as models for Retail Environment trainings and presentation for several brands that we are the franchisee for. Our Company is very proud of our Stores and the fit-out that has been developed. They are flagship stores for the Region.

Professional excellent presentation, operational and practical with a focus on Client’s need to find and reach products easily have been key elements of the development of our showrooms. We have followed the guidelines and standards of the Brands on layout, material usage, spacing, presentation and designs, still by adapting them to our Market, our local regulations and culture of our territory.

Since 2012, we have started offering our Service of fit-out adviser/consultant to other new Retailers in the Gulf Region. Our team is keen to offer their expertise and help others to develop a professional store/boutique/outlet. Working with budgets, the team is focused on delivering a value for money, quality fit-out and within realistic deadlines.